Create a Meaningful Experience for your Students!

Living Composers are alive and well!  This ever changing list of over 50 Self-Published composers of Choral, Orchestral, Band and small ensembles, including solos, chamber and flex are not only giving permission at no cost to post YOUR performances on social media platforms, but want to CONNECT with your students to create a meaningful, impactful experience during this time! Do not hesitate to contact them via email, or any of the social media links on their slides!  Here’s to a safe and music rich 2021!  Here’s to Music Education!


At a time when our students need music the most, we are tested and challenged to bring it to them any way that we can!  Thank you to the students and directors that participated in this Global project to spread joy, hope, love, compassion and peace throughout the world with song.  Your voices are so important in this world, never let anyone silence them!


We Are the Children is available for purchase in 2-part, SAB, SSAA and SATB